TripView v3.8.8 Latest MOD APK [Download]

TripView v3.8.8 Latest MOD APK [Download]

TripView displays Sydney and Melbourne public transport timetable data on your phone. It features a summary view showing your next services, as well as a full timetable viewer. All timetable data is stored on your phone, so it can be used offline.

- View times for any saved trip with a single tap
- Trackwork and service interruption information
- Interactive maps (create your trip by clicking on your station/stop)
- Alarms (arrival/departure, time/distance)
- Multi-modal trip editor (customise exact change locations / lines)
- Real-time delay information and vehicle map (subject to data availability)

Realtime data is available for the following operators:
- Sydney Trains (Sydney metro area only, excluding Waterfall and the T6 Line)
- Sydney and Newcastle Buses
- Hillsbus, Forest Coach Lines, Busways Blacktown, Transdev North Shore
- Sydney Ferries
- Sydney Light Rail (excluding stops between Exhibition Centre and Central)

NOTE: Best efforts are taken to ensure timetable accuracy, but no guarantees are made. If you find an error in the timetable, please email with details.


- For frequency-based services (i.e. light rail and metro), delays are now calculated based on headway. If the gap between two services is longer than timetabled, the second service will be shown as delayed.

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